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Artist: S Frank Bruce


January 24 to March 25; no reception

 A Person By Any Other Name

An eclectic show of artwork from three artists

The Artists

Anne Bowen    Teresa Knight    Gayle Millbank

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Anne Bowen

The Artist’s Work

Born in England, I grew up in B.C., the mountains, ocean and forests nurturing a curiosity and love for the natural world.  Having travelled extensively, many memories, impressions and images inspire my work. I paint for the sheer joy of transporting myself into a landscape, observing the complex patterns of nature or the meditative qualities of a still life.  My painting style is constantly evolving; whether painting representatively or interpretatively I am constantly striving for a meaningful connection with the subject. 

Spontaneity as well as careful and considered work, creates the dynamic and contemporary qualities in my paintings.  Both watercolor effects and textural possibilities allow for unlimited explorations of interpretation. Starting with the classical underpainting and building with many transparent layers; I use a vibrant palette, strong compositions, and subtle value shifts to create a compelling painting.  I am honored to have some of my award winning work held in collections throughout North America, Asia and Europe.


email:  bowena@shaw.ca

Ph. (250) 380-3955

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Teresa Knight

The Artist’s Work

For me, a picture really does paint a thousand words!  Paintings provide a beautiful way to communicate what I see in the world around me, both literally and metaphorically.  

I studied art at UBC and now paint and teach painting.  I’ve been exhibiting since the 1980s so my art has traveled (with its owners) to some faraway places!  

As a kid, when I started painting, I had close relationships with my pets which allowed me to know them as the ‘non-human people” they are.  I try to share this truth through my animal paintings and my life’s goal is for my paintings in some way to help animals, as they are as important as us.  I hope you enjoy my art!

Please look up my website at www.teresaknight.com

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Gayle Millbank

The Artist’s Work

Gayle  Millbank has always loved animals and art. Her current passion of writing children’s books expresses both loves. First she writes the story, then she illustrates it through acrylic paintings, which  appear in the published story.

She has enjoyed fourteen summers on Cortes Island, BC. During that time she has spent hours observing the wild life. Her short stories are her imagination of what these close-knit families of forest and ocean denizens might be saying and doing.

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