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Victoria and area artists are invited to apply for an opportunity to display their work in visual arts. The shows are organized by the Goward House Art Committee which decides if the work meets an acceptable standard.

If you would like to have an art show, please review the application material on this page and follow the process outlined. Thank you for your interest.

In a Nutshell: Applying for an Art Show

What is an Art Show?
Art runs in the veins of Goward House. Its previous owners, Owen and Elizabeth Goward, were both accomplished visual artists (watercolour and oil). The Goward House Society has embraced their legacy by offering monthly art shows throughout the year. The art shows are designed to promote the development of local visual artists (largely painting, drawing and photography), offer them income opportunities and enhance public exposure to and appreciation for art.


Each Art Show is about a month long. Dates vary. As many as 40 works are hung throughout Goward House. Shows are FREE and open to the public 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Some rooms may not be available for viewing if activities are on-going. Goward House is wheelchair accessible.

Can anyone show their art?
Only artists from the Greater Victoria area may apply for an Art Show. Interested artists are invited to apply to the Goward House Art Committee with samples of their work. The Art Committee then decides if the work meets an acceptable standard.
How much does an Art Show cost?
There is no fee for hanging your art. Goward House takes a commission of 25% of sales.
How long can we display our art?
Art Shows run for about 30 days, subject to negotiation with Goward House. Occasionally, if an adjacent show month is not booked, an artist or group may apply to continue displaying for an additional month.
How soon could I/we have an Art Show?
No less than 105 days prior to the Art Show start date provided by the administrator.

Time must be allowed for the Art Committee to consider your application, for the webmaster to place your material on the website and for the public to learn of the event. In reality, however, Art Shows are typically booked 6 to 9 months in advance. Thus, Art Shows must be applied for and planned well ahead of the show date.

Who decides who gets an Art Show?
The Goward House Art Committee curates the Art Shows (decides who can show). Learn more about the Art Committee further down this page.
I’m an independent artist. Can I have a one-person Art Show?
Yes, you can, subject to approval by the Art Committee. You must, however, have a minimum of 25 art works to display.
Can I get together with other independent artists to put on an Art Show?
Yes you can. This is a good way to qualify for an Art Show if artists do not have the minimum 25 art works to support a one-person show. It also greatly reduces the costs of framing. Each artist applies individually to the Art Committee for qualification. The total number of art works for display may not exceed 40.
Must art works be framed?
Art must be framed if the edges are not finished (comprise part of the art work).
Can my art group have an Art Show?
Of course. Several local art groups/clubs hold Art Shows regularly. The group applies for an Art Show and submits supporting material about the group. As well, each interested artist applies by submitting sample work to the Art Committee for qualification.
Can I/we have an opening reception?

Yes. Receptions are booked on Sundays to ensure a good public turn out. The particular date (which is also the opening date) is arranged with Heidi Hodgins, our Administrator, to fit in with facility rentals. Receptions are not required.

Okay, so what's the basic Art Show process?
Ensure you/your group has/will have 25 art works (minimum) to show


Visit Goward House to see if the facility meets your needs

Get a tentative show month from the Administrator. Does it work for you?

Submit the Application for Art Show to the Administrator for qualification by the Art Committee (by email, mail or in person)

Receive an email approval from the Administrator to proceed and arrange to sign group and artist contracts

All artists are encouraged to review the Art Show presentations on this website, both future and past and to contact the Administrator or any member of the Art Committee for further information.

So how exactly do I/we apply for an Art Show?

Call Heidi Hodgins, the Goward House Administrator, who will review the process with you, provide you with the application form and answer your questions.

Note: if you have already submitted information for previous Art Shows, you may choose to tell us to use that information in this application. To do that, put ‘Use info from X Month, Y year’ at the top of your application

You may mail the completed application to Goward House or drop it off at the front desk

Mailing Address:

Goward House
2495 Arbutus Road,
Victoria, BC, V8N 1V9

If I have questions, who do I contact and how?

The Art Shows are coordinated by our administrator, Heidi Hodgins. Please email your queries to Heidi at info@gowardhouse.com or call her at 250-477-4401.

Thank you for your interest
We know just how much work and expense it is to put together an Art Show (not to mention, create the art itself). We truly appreciate your dedication, your talent and your interest in the Goward House art venue. Thank you for your inquiries and good luck!.

Nuts and Bolts

Close All
The Twelve Steps

Artist has at least 25 framed art pieces to display Or can have by the show date

Artist visits the venue to confirm its suitability (you can pick up the application form then)

Artist identifies a show month with Administrator (call Heidi Hodgins, our Administrator, at 250-477-4401)

Artist submits “Application for Art Show”  You are ‘penciled in’ pending the Art Committee’s decision

Art Committee reviews the application Artist submits app at least 105 days prior to identified show date

Art Committee authorizes Art Show Artist is notified by email

Artist signs contract See ‘The Contract’ below

Artist hangs pieces A date is arranged with our Administrator

Artist holds reception A date is arranged with our Administrator

Show continues for about a month Artist is available to solve any problems

Artist removes show A date is arranged with our Administrator

Administrator sends artist a cheque for sales less commission


About the Art Committee
Art Committee Membership

Goward House Society art shows are curated by the Art Committee. The Art Committee is comprised of: one member from each Goward House Art Group, one Goward House director and if desired, members at large. The Goward House Administrator will call and chair meetings as required.

Responsibilities of the Art Committee

  • Correspond directly with potential showing artists
  • Meet monthly or at the request of the Chair
  • Evaluate the quality and suitability of the work of artists requesting a Goward House show
  • Enable the hanging of the show by the artists
  • Hang the show, for a fee, if requested to by the presenter

Art Committee Evaluation Criteria:

Aesthetic Caliber
The primary goal of the committee is to organize shows of artistic merit and interest. To this end the committee may visit artists’ studios with a view to inviting some of these artists to show at Goward House, as well as the usual practice of soliciting proposals from time to time.

Interest and Educational Potential
Consistent with the purposes of Goward House, the Art Committee will consider the educational potential of each show and the interest it may generate among various Goward House constituencies such as:

a) Goward House Members:
The art Committee seeks to sustain the interest of the members by providing a variety of artistic experiences. Hence, repeat shows in consecutive calendar years will generally be discouraged. Also, some shows will be selected for their potential to challenge and expand viewers’ aesthetic perceptions. Special consideration is given to involving our own Goward House art groups.

b) The larger Community:
The Art Committee will consider the interest that art shows may generate among the general public in order to attract visitors and raise the profile of Goward House in the community and among artists.

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