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June 29th 2018 to Aug 29th 2018; Reception: Sunday July 8th 1:30 – 3:30

Niramon Prudatron presents…

An Artist's Journey

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Niramon Prudatron

As a young girl in Thailand, I loved to draw and paint. Later, when I became a journalist, there was little time for art. I worked as an advocate for women’s and children’s rights, writing a daily newspaper column, which led to opportunities to publish books and to travel abroad.

Slowly I recognized that I was often working from a place of anger, as were many of my activist friends. Although I had rejected Buddhism throughout my youth because of its view of women, I was eventually introduced to meditation through an unusually egalitarian monk.

And as I began to practice meditation, my priorities shifted. I began drawing again, and participated with other women artists in a couple of art shows. I left the crush of Bangkok for an experimental community in the countryside.

Soon the thread of events led me to Canada, and to Victoria. Here, surrounded by incredible natural beauty and so many professional artists, I turned intensively to art. It is my passion. In the past fifteen years I have studied with Anne Hunter, Bill Porteous, Alan Bruce, Gail Speckmann, Caren Heine, Marney Ward, Ruth Ralston, and Kilesa Wong.

The Artist’s Work

My favorite subjects are floral watercolors and landscapes. I draw and paint for no real reason other than feeling pulled by it. I like to create things that are beautiful, to please my eyes, and to share.

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