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Above: The Bridgemate wireless data entry and results feedback unit

About Bridgewebs

What is Bridgewebs?

Bridgewebs is the name we’re suggesting for the home of the Goward House Duplicate Bridge Club. Bridgewebs is a website separate from but linked to the Goward House website. It is specifically designed for bridge clubs and its content will be specific to our bridge club. It offers all kinds of useful features designed to make the bridge experience more fun, more interesting, more social and importantly, less work for organizers.

Bridgewebs provides the website structure; your club provides the content for its pages. As well, the club can choose which features it wants to use and which it will not. As Jim points out, features can be added gradually as club members get comfortable with the changes.

What are the features of Bridgewebs?

If you thought bridge days are fun, just wait ’til you experience WebBridge Days! Just look at the features:

  • Calendar (Imagine! A Calendar!)
  • Automatic Results Upload
  • Hand of the Week
  • Our own News Articles
  • Automatic Map page
  • Forms submit feature for Competitions
  • Competitions/Ladders
  • Your own Pictures
  • Membership Database
  • A Bulk Email manager
  • Find a Partner
  • Event Booking
  • Play it Again software

How do we get to the website?

You will find lots more information about how WebBridge works at the link below or at ‘Quick Links’ on the Goward House Home Page. Visit the site and poke around, get a feel for what’s there and what’s of interest to you.

To return to the Goward House website, click on your browser’s ‘back’ arrow (usually upper left corner of your screen)

Can we talk about Bridgewebs as a group?

Of course. Jim will be regularly asking for your feedback as the trial progresses. At the end of three months, the go-no go decision should be abundantly clear. Has Bridgewebs added to or subtracted from your enjoyment of bridge? Is it easy to navigate and find what you need? Organizers: has WebBridge made your job easier?

Does Bridgewebs Cost Anything?

Yup, but it’s nominal — about $90/year for the group

Can we try it out first?

Yes, in fact Jim has arranged for a free three month trial starting Wednesday, August 7. If, at the end of the 3 months, the members are not interested in continuing, there is no further obligation.

Tell us more about Bridgemate

As you know, we tally the scores manually now. It takes a good deal of time on the part of players and and devoted volunteers to put it together every week.  And all you get for your efforts are the raw scores.

Bridgemate takes your bridge experience to a whole new level. Bridgemate is touted as the world’s most popular wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments. At its core, it keeps score. Yet it’s much more than that. It guides players through the game, provides instant feedback of results, real-time rankings and game summaries, and records hands for post-game analysis. How fun is that?

Each table will have a remote data entry and feedback device which sends results to a base unit which analyzes and reports back to both individual tables and to the room at large. Feedback to the whole is displayed on the large screen monitor at the far end of the room.

Jim, of course, will walk everyone through the process. In a few weeks, you’ll all be Bridgemate pros. That’s it. Have a fist full of fun.


It’s pretty confusing, isn’t it? To help you sort it out, here are some definitions:


The term we are using for the Goward House website for bridge, Home of the Goward House Duplicate Bridge Club.

Learn more about WebBridge on its Homepage.

GH Bridge Results

Until the club makes a decision about Bridgewebs, the Goward House Bridge Results page will remain in place. But to avoid confusion with the WebBridge results page, we’re calling the Goward House results page ‘GH Bridge Results.’


Bridgemate is the new wireless scoring system that promises to add tons of fun to the bridge experience.

Learn more about Bridgemate here


[Noun or adjective] A person in a state of exhilaration and disorientation, typically brought on by exposure to Bridgewebs or Bridgemate for the first time. [“Uh oh, we’ve got another Loopy Jim”] Alternatively, a descriptive term for that state of being.[“Holy cow. Now that’s loopy. Mary, off the table please”] Loopies can generally be resuscitated successfully with hot tea.



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