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May 31st, 2019 to August 28th, 2019

RECEPTION: Sunday June 2nd, 1:30 – 3:30


The Goward House Painters presents...


The Artists

Susan Baker      Jessi Barron     Peter Dowgailenko     

Irene Khurana      Eleanor Kobley     Vivian Lochridge     

Jim McFarland     Elfrida Schragen    Mary Scobie


Susan Baker

Susan was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and has enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood. She studied History in Art at the University of Victoria, and has taken various workshops and courses with a number of artists over the years.

Over the past decades, her work has been exhibited and sold in both the Sooke Fine Art Shows and the Sidney Fine Art Shows.

Susan loves to paint and is always gratified if her pictures bring a smile. Her subjects include life portraits, still life, plein air, and figurative scenes.

Jesi Barron

I’m presently a member of ALFrescos Plein Air, Victoria, BC. and the Saanich Peninsula Group. On Tuesdays I attend the Goward House Portrait painting sessions Born Montreal, Quebec: I attended art classes at the museum run by Arthur Lismer when I was a child. I could hardly wait for Saturday mornings. Moved to Victoria B.C. at the age of 13 yrs. and continued my interest in the arts with much encouragement from my teacher, Ina Uhthoff. I went to the Vancouver School of Art 1962-4. and attended many workshops. Studied with Dan Jarvis.
I enlisted in the RCAF in 1952 and did many Art Projects for them.

The Artist’s Work

Mainly I enjoy painting out of doors weather permitting, The capturing of light in oil or watercolor in nature; and observing the expressions in people have been my whole life interest.

Peter Dowgailenko

Although I was born in Belgium, Montreal was my hometown from a very early age. School days were humdrum but art, wherever I found it, was always fascinating. Whenever I could, I developed my interest in art by spending time at various art galleries and museums in both downtown Montreal and Toronto. My early inspirations were the French Masters and subsequently the Canadian Group of Seven. At school, Art Class was my favorite and easiest class. Painting came naturally to me and my teachers often encouraged me to pursue it seriously.

However, as our family was not well off, I embarked on a business career to earn a living. Any free time from work was often allocated to my art. For the most part I was self-taught until I could afford to take various art course offered by colleges in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Now that I am retired and living in Victoria, I have much more time to pursue my passion. I continue to attend painting and drawing workshops for both landscape and portraiture. I particularly enjoy the challenges of plein air painting every summer. The incredible and varied landscape in and around Victoria and Vancouver Island provides me with immense and continuing inspiration.

Irene Khurana

I was born in Switzerland where I studied architectural design. I later persued studies in graphic design and worked as a commercial artist. Since completing a Visual Arts degree at UVic I have worked and experimented with a variety of mediums.

The Artist’s Work

I practice sketching, drawing, and painting landscapes, still life, and portraiture in particular. These I execute spontaneously from life, mainly in pastels, in rapid renderings to instill a sense of immediacy, to capture the feelings and mood of the particular person and particular moment.

Eleanor Kobley

I have been involved in the visual arts for many years in Victoria, B.C. Canada, where I was born. Painting and drawing were always present and important to me throughout my childhood and continue to give me joy. In 1981 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria.
I have recently joined the portrait group at Goward House and enjoy having different models to study.
Throughout the years I have participated in many group exhibitions such as Watermark Printmakers Shows, juried exhibitions and commercial gallery presentations..

The Artist’s Work

I like to paint in both acrylics and watercolours as I enjoy the unique properties of each. I enjoy going outside to paint as through the process, I am transported to a new situation of discovery. I get excited when I can solve an unusual composition problem or include a new colour combination. My subjects are studies of rural areas on Vancouver Island and closer observations of local plants in their seasons.

Vivian Lochridge

Jim McFarland

The Artist’s Work

Elfrida Schragen

The Artist’s Work

Mary Scobie

The Artist’s Work

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