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We Value Your Thoughtfulness

Goward House is a registered charity. To run our operations, we rely entirely on funds received through government grants, membership fees, fundraising activities and donations from our loyal supporters. If you would like to donate to Goward House, please do the following with our gratitude:

Mail a Cheque

Make out your cheque to ‘Goward House Society’ and mail it to:

Administrator, Goward House,
2495 Arbutus Road,
Victoria, BC V8N 1V9

You may also drop by Goward House and leave your donation of cheque or cash with the person on the front desk.

Tax Receipts

For your donation of $20 or more, we will gladly send you a tax receipt (please remember to include your mailing address).

Other Ways to Give

Make a Bequest

Another way to give is to leave a bequest to Goward House in your will. If you are interested in this option, please consult your lawyer for the appropriate wording in your circumstances. In its simplest form, a bequest might be created in the following way:

  • Add a section to your will entitled ‘Legacy’
  • Under ‘Legacy’ add this text:

To pay a legacy of $___________ to the Goward House Society, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria BC, V8N 1V9,
Business Registration # 129777652RR0001

If you wish to discuss this matter with the Administrator please call 250-477-4401. Thank you. We are very grateful for your support.

Tax receipts are provided.


A gift of your time and talents is greatly appreciated too. Without our 94 volunteers, Goward House would simply not exist. For information about volunteering, please go here.

Use a Thrifty’s Smile Card

What’s a Smile Card? Thrifty’s raises funds for community non-profits by donating 5% of the value of groceries purchased with a Smile Card. Members of Goward House apply for the card, then ‘load’ the card at a Thrifty’s cashier with any amount they wish. When they next shop, the card is used to purchase the groceries. Five percent of Smile Card purchases are later conveyed to Goward House.  For complete details of the Thrifty’s Smile Card Program, pick up a handout at the Goward House front desk or learn more here.

Thank you! We are very grateful.

Your donations of time and money make Goward House possible.

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