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November 29, 2019 to January 22, 2020; Reception: Sunday Dec 1st 2019 (1:30 to 3:30)

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After retiring from many years of teaching Fine Arts at the secondary school level, I was delighted to discover the world of Chinese Brush Painting. It was inspiring to learn the traditional techniques and philosophies of this ancient art, and I was fortunate to have studied  with teachers, Nenagh Molson and John Nip.

Chinese Brush Painting presents variety in all aspects of painting including composition, brushwork, the use of unique papers and the intricacies of mounting the finished painting. Each step presents challenges that provide interest and a feeling of accomplishment when completed.

One of my greatest pleasures is to share the enthusiasm for the medium with fellow Chinese Brush Painters at the Studio for Harmonious Endeavours (Goward House) and the Studio for Perseverance in Study (Monterey Centre).


Barbara is a native Victorian and a Chartered Accountant, now retired.

I’ve been a keen photographer all my life and this interest led me into painting. About 25 years ago, I began pencil drawing and watercolour painting, eventually turning to Chinese Brush Painting in the early 1990’s and Chinese calligraphy a few years ago. My fascination with this inspirational and challenging medium continues today. Fortunately, I have been able to study under many wonderful artists, most recently under Mr. John Nip and Nenagh Molson.

I have participated in many local art shows and sales, and am looking forward to continuing to share my work through the shows.


I have been doing art related activities all my life, much drawing as a child and perused studies in architecture, leading to graphic design, in Switzerland and Canada. Later I completed a Visual Arts degree at the University of Victoria and served as a docent at our Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. There I encountered the stunning work of Chinese painter Chang Dai-chien and I was smitten.

I took Chinese brush-painting and calligraphy lessons, practiced vigorously and still love it, beside my other painting practice.

My work is not necessarily in the strictly traditional Chinese discipline as I use my own subject matter, however I use the traditional brush strokes, pigments and rice paper.


I was born in Victoria and educated in Victoria and Vancouver but lived “away” for almost forty years before returning home to retire.  Before retiring I studied drawing with Michael Cavanaugh and Elizabeth Spragg and print making with Vesa Peltonen.  After returning to Victoria I was able to study Chinese Brush painting with Nenagh Molson, John Nip and Andy Lou.  They taught me the variety that can be achieved with simple materials, the challenge of working in a medium that allows no correction and the satisfaction that comes when ideas and reality meet.


John is the Executive Director of Spirit Bear Art Farm, a Canadian artist and writers retreat on the West coast of Vancouver Island. For over15 years, he studied with the distinguished John Nip in the tradition of Chinese Brush Painting.  He is a member of The Studio for Perseverance in Study of Calligraphy and Art, and The Studio of Harmonious Endeavors.  His work can be found at The Gallery of Great Things in Waimea, Hawaii and at MainStay Gallery in Santa Monica, California. He has been selected to be one of the Artisans of Mauna Kea.

“I consider my work to be in the tradition of an ancient contemplative art. The practice and creation of these works are a kind of meditation and are a connection to the mysterious and the sublime. The works can be objects of art as well as personal objects of contemplation.”


I have completed my fourth year of Chinese Brush Painting, focusing this past year on birds. I continue to enjoy painting with The Studio of Harmonious Endeavours at Goward House and The Studio for Perseverance in Study at Monterey Centre. I offer much gratitude to our teacher, Nenagh Molson & the members of each group for their assistance & encouragement along this creative path.


Born, schooled, worked and retired in Victoria.

Took up Chinese Brush painting forty five years ago from a teacher who studied in the Lingnan School of painting in China.

After forty five years I decided to pick up the brush in January 2016.


An introductory class in Chinese Brush Painting nine years ago led to complete captivation with this art form. I am drawn to the simplicity of materials, the fascination of centuries-old techniques, and the amazing effects that can be achieved with a few brushstrokes. My current favorite subjects include such traditions as plum, chrysanthemum, bamboo, cats, and horses. Weekly sessions with the Studio of Harmonious Endeavours offer much-needed opportunities for both inspiration and perspiration! I blog about my brush painting experiences at:


Nenagh was originally trained in art and design at the Vancouver School of Art. She continued to study at the Cunningham School of Art in California and Beaux Arts in Montreal, Quebec. In 1964, she was commissioned to design the commemorative seal and stamp for the McGill University Medical Expedition to Faster Island and designed and painted sets for numerous theatre and ballet productions.

In 1967, after living and travelling in Europe, Nenagh returned to Victoria where she continued to paint, but it was not until 1975 that she met teacher Stephen Sham who sparked her interest in Chinese Painting. For eight years, under his guidance, she learned the traditional disciplines of ink brush on rice paper, mounting techniques and aesthetics.

Following these years of study, Nenagh devoted herself to teaching Chinese Brush Painting classes and workshops at the Greater Victoria Art Gallery, the Canadian College for Chinese Studies and Camosun College. She presently teaches at Goward House in Victoria.

Since 1985, Nenagh’s Chinese paintings have been exhibited in various galleries throughout Victoria and a few pieces are featured in private collections in Hong Kong, London, Montreal, Calgary and Hawaii.


I have not had any formal training in art but I love to paint. I chose Chinese Brush Painting as I find it very relaxing and a form of meditation.  I am a member of the Goward House Chinese Brush Painting Group and also the Monterey Chinese Brush Painting Group. I use a variety of subjects in my work including flowers, landscape, rocks and trees.  I like both forms of chinese painting, the free style called Moku, as well as the more detailed style.  I use Chinese or Japanese paints and use the Chinese wet matting method to mount the finished pieces.  I have studied Chinese Calligraphy and try to use it on all my paintings. I often use Japanese coloured papers  to form a border.

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