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The Artist’s Work

With centuries of paintings behind us, we have many artistic styles to consider some we like and some we do not like.

However, as a painter, I like to study and attempt to copy past art to learn about past and present painting technique and use of colour theory. Over the years, taking several art classes have helped. The learning never ends as I find that there is so much more to discover.

However, the most enjoyable part has always been to try to find ways to emulate the style of the past art masters into my own paintings. For example, from classic art I marvel at the realism of human figures, from the impressionists their loose and necessarily fast alfresco style and from the moderns the move to abstract on. However, whatever I end up painting, the result is always an enjoyable experience particularly when together with some great like-minded people of Victoria.

/Peter Dowgailenko



The Artist’s Work

I was born in Switzerland where I studied architectural design. I later pursued the graphic arts and worked as a commercial artist in Canada and Switzerland.

Completing a Visual Arts degree at University of Victoria, I have painted and experimented with a variety of mediums.

I practise sketching, drawing, and painting – landscapes plein air, still life and portraiture in particular. I work spontaneously from life, in pastels, oils or acrylic in rapid renderings to in-still a sense of immediacy, to capture the feelings and mood of the particular moment, my personal perception. My body of work is an embodiment of my love for life and nature.

I also enjoy teaching art to students of all ages and served as a docent at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for 17 years.



The Artist’s Work

I have been involved in the visual arts community in Victoria, B.C. for many years. Painting and drawing have always been important in my life.              

I graduated with a BFA from the University of Victoria in 1981. Following my studies I became involved in printmaking, linocuts, woodcuts, etc.          

I belonged to Watermark Printmakers for many years and exhibited in their group shows. I like to paint in watercolours and acrylics, as I enjoy the unique properties of each. I enjoy outdoor drawing and painting as through the process I am transported to a new situation of discovery. My subjects are rural areas on Vancouver Island and closer observations of local plants and flowers. I have been in the Portrait Painters Group at Goward House for a number of years. I find it exciting and always enjoyable to paint along side other artists.



The Artist’s Work

Kathleen Manning believes that whenever a person meets a light source, there is a visual story waiting to be told full of emotion and personality. A definite “people person”, Kathleen enjoys portraying anyone – from the very young to the very old – in graphite, charcoal, conte, pastel, pastel pencil and recently, oils. Her work finds constant inspiration in the human figure, often focusing on the dramatic effects of light and dark upon the human form. She received a BFA from the University of Victoria with an emphasis on drawing and printmaking. She then worked in the BC Tourism industry, starting as a travel counsellor before teaching hospitality and travel counselling courses throughout the province. Her final position was as a photo arts technician and graphic artist. Being a full-time mother of three then kept her very busy for many years before she was able to pursue art once again. She is the current President of the Victoria Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is very active within the organization.

Website: www.kathleenmanning.ca



The Artist’s Work

Victoria is a longtime fiction editor and author, now studying the art of oil painting.

When she was a teenager, Victoria’s family expected her to become either a writer or an artist. She realized that art supplies are expensive, while she had already permanently “borrowed” her mother’s typewriter. So she spent forty years as a published poet, journalist, tech writer, novelist, editor, and teacher of fiction writing.

Now partially retired from fiction editing, Victoria works, through the inherent beauty of oil paints, to portray the beauty of this extraordinary world.



The Artist’s Work

Anna has been an active member of the Vancouver FCA and the Victoria FCA for many years. She has also enjoyed being a member of SPAC (Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts) and a member of the Al Frescos of Victoria Plein Air group. She has participated in many Art Shows with these groups. Recently Anna has begun a new adventure, Portrait painting. She has always had a love of Art, and of painting in particular. Her painting life began with Water Colour. She loves how it expresses her intention and how water colour expresses itself. She then discovered Acrylics and the strength they contributed to her landscapes and semi-abstracts. Anna came to Oils inspired by fellow artists in her Plein Air group. She paints in these mediums as the subjects seem to call for. Anna’s art education has been acquired through workshops and she loves the energy found there. She has always been inspired by other artists; Stephen Quiller, Robert Genn, Michael O’Toole, Mike Svob, Tom Thomson, and The Group of Seven.                                       

Being creative through painting is such a privilege.



The Artist’s Work

Elizabeth completed a B.A. majoring in Art History and a B.Mus. graduating from Carleton University in Ottawa in 1975. Later she married and had three children and a career as a music educator in elementary school.  

Elizabeth studied Art at the Ottawa School of Art graduating in 1998, followed by further studies in printmaking at the Kingston School of Art. She moved to Victoria in 2021 and took up acrylic painting again after a period of inactivity.  She currently has a show titled ‘Garden of the Imagination’ at Gigi’s Cafe. Quadra and Hillside.  

These are acrylic paintings based on her autistic son’s drawings. She loves doing portraits and enjoys a class here at Goward House.  



The Artist’s Work

I’m a 15 year old artist with an intense passion for art, specifically oil painting. I have been fascinated with painting and drawing from a very young age and continue to be amazed by the beauty of creation to this day.  

Along my art journey I’ve studied under a few great artists including Stephanie Paige Thomson, Andrew Tischler, and Deborah Tilby.  I am involved with a few organizations including the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) and OPA (Oil Painters Of America). I have also entered notable shows such as the Modern Impressionist Salon and the OPA Annual Student Competition.

Whether it’s a portrait, still life or landscape, its beauty never ceases to amaze and touch me deeply. This is so gratifying and exciting to capture and I hope that I can communicate the same emotion with you through my work. 



The Artist’s Work

Gordon D Smith is a Vancouver Island artist working in charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil and acrylic. His background is in graphic design, life drawing and figurative painting. He is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Victoria Chapter. 

Gord enjoys attending the weekly Portrait Painting sessions at Goward House and deeply appreciates how they help him improve his painting and drawing skills. He also appreciates meeting new sitters each week (friends and family of the artists) who bring added life to our sessions.

You can see more of Gord’s artwork at Website:  www.gdsmith.ca
or www.instagram.com/gordon_d_smith/

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