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April 26th to May 29 2019;  Reception: May 5th (1:30 – 3:30)

Goward House Artists present…

Pot Pourri

The Artists

Charlene Brown     Judith Brown    Charles Dool    

Joe Girard     Micky Girard    Clare Jopling    Mary Kenderdine     

Anne Millar     Bill McKechnie    Margaret Ng

Carol Nuernberger  Joan Pierce  Paul Redchurch     Pat Routh

Vickie Stewart     Judy Zwart    






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Charlene Brown

Charlene began painting as a teenager at the Banff School of Fine Arts, but then went to the University of Alberta, pursued a career with the Canadian Government and raised a family, and didn’t get back to painting until just before she and her husband moved to Dubai in 1990.

During the ten years she was in Dubai, Charlene travelled extensively, served as Administrator of the Dubai Arts Centre, and wrote about painting for the Khaleej Times and the Gulf News. She had written about painting trips in over twenty countries by the time they retired and came to Victoria to live.

Charlene has written a weekly blog, 1150 Words by Charlene Brown, www.charlenebrownpainting.blogspot.ca from which she has gathered a series of blog posts into a book, Plein air Painting: the drama, which is available for sale at Goward House, and is now working on a compilation of blog posts about her travels with her grandchildren.

Judith Brown

Arts extension and graphic arts training at University of Alberta
Visiting for a year in Victoria and finally able to get back to practicing art after 20 years.

Charles Dool

Initial art studies at Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, ’62 – ’65.
Botanical studies, Victoria, from ’94.

My work is now represented in 15 countries, and has been mostly botanical watercolour.
However, more recently I have worked mostly in acrylic, and occasionally I texture the canvas first with drywall mud.


Having always been enthusiastic about art, Joe has, since retirement, concentrated his interest in Watercolour painting.

Joe’s inspiration often comes from the many scenes viewed and photographed while on camping trips throughout B.C. Having been raised in a rural setting has also given him a greater appreciation of nature. He finds inspiration from the many marine activities on the coast and from his birding outings.

Joe finds Victoria is a fine place to pursue his art as we are blessed with many fine artists, teachers and galleries.

Mildred (Mickey) Girard

I grew up in rural Alberta. My aunt, a teacher, was very instrumental in awakening and nurturing my interest in art. “Prairie” and “West Coast” settings, “Flora” and “Fantasy” are all interesting subjects to me.

Mary Kenderdine

“Close to retiring I decided to incorporate something new as a hobby and took up art. After experimenting with various media, I find myself most comfortable with oil and pastel.  For inspiration on choice of subjects to paint,  it has to be a picture that catches my imagination.  Consequently, I seem to experiment with a variety of subjects from birds, flowers, animals and who could resist trying out some of our beautiful scenery”

Anne Millar

I was born, grew up and live in Victoria, British Columbia. I have always been interested in Arts and Crafts.

For many years I taught the Art of Painting on Porcelain. I have been painting in the Water Colour Medium since 2000 and am looking forward to branching out in to painting with Acrylics.

Carol Nuernberger

As a self-taught artist, Carol takes her inspiration from the rugged Canadian landscape. She paints primarily in acrylics making full use of its vibrant colours and fast drying properties to capture the emotion of the scene. For the past six years she has painted with the Goward House Wednesday Morning painters. The group has provided Carol with both the knowledge and the confidence to expand her repertoire to include a broad range of subjects.

Paul Redchurch

Paul is a ‘self-taught’ artist whose work covers a wide and versatile range of subjects. Using watercolours, pen and ink and acrylics, Paul’s work covers a myriad of subjects – from the cottages of his native Yorkshire to Orcas off his Vancouver Island home.

As a member of Oak Bay Community Artists and Goward House Painters, Paul has shown his work publicly since 2005 participating in numerous Oak Bay Artists Studio Tours, the Bowker Creek Brush-up, the Oak Bay Summer Night Market, Cadboro Bay Art Walk and both individual and group shows at Goward House.

Pat Routh

Before retiring from the B.C. Public Service in 2000, Pat started attending classes in drawing and painting. She has studied under many artists including Wendy Welch, Allan Mark Cross and Lesley Redhead.

Pat enjoys the challenge of a variety of mediums and subjects. Whimsical and humorous paintings with bright colours and textures are what she enjoys most.


I work in watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media. My passion in art is colour, movement, and form using paint. I find inspiration for my art all around me.

I am from Prince George but made Victoria my home in 1975 where I live with my husband Kim.


Judy Zwart has lived in several provinces in Western Canada, settling in Victoria, her favourite city.

  • Always loved to draw, but raising four children and working full time prevented opportunities for studying art.
  • After retirement, was given the chance to learn painting techniques from a friend who is an established artist in Saskatoon. Accepted into the Bridge City Artist group where she was a member before relocation in Victoria.

Quote: “Amazed and awed by the variety and beauty of creation, I strive to portray some of that spirit in my paintings.