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ART SHOW FEBRUARY 26 2017 – MARCH 29 2017


Pauline Nip, The Studio for Harmonious Endeavours and The Studio for Perseverance in Study present...


A Retrospective In Memoriam by John Nip

John Nip (1937-2016) was an accomplished Victoria-based calligrapher, Chinese brush painter, creative teacher, and stone seal-carver.   At the time of his passing last October he was planning a retrospective exhibition to mark his 80th birthday in March 2017. He had prepared a representative selection of his art—from calligraphy to scrolls, fan-shaped paintings and others—all carefully mounted, labeled and priced in readiness for the spring show.  The invitations were written and he was folding them on the day that he passed away.

As a tribute to the memory of John, members of two Chinese painting clubs—The Studio for Harmonious Endeavours (Goward House) and The Studio for Perseverance in Study (Monterey Centre)—with the assistance of his beloved wife Pauline, decided to continue with the show.

The Artist


As a young boy in Hong Kong, John trained in the traditional Chinese arts and developed a special love for calligraphy and floral subjects. His compositions show a wonderful array of fresh strokes and beautiful colors, often with the surprise of a detailed insect.  All feature a traditional poem or descriptive title in his characteristic fine calligraphy.  One of his major calligraphic works was a commissioned piece for the Royal BC Museum; another was a 15-foot scroll he wrote in his 70s and gifted to St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hong Kong.

For several decades John taught both calligraphy and Chinese brush painting in Victoria; it was his wish to include the work of some of his former students in this celebration of his life’s work.  A selection will be displayed in an adjoining room, and the artists will participate in the opening reception to honour his legacy as an artist, an art teacher, mentor and friend.

John would be quick to say that his accomplishments in art would not have been possible without the dedication of his wife Pauline to more earthly matters, which allowed John the space to create. John and Pauline were a team.

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