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ART SHOW: October 27th to November 29th 2017

Reception: Oct 29, 2017  from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

The Artists

Lana Kenderdine   |   Mary Kenderdine

Lana Kenderdine

Ms Kenderdine is the great-granddaughter of the Saskatchewan landscape artist Augustus Frederick Kenderdine. Her paintings hang in collections from Australia to here in beautiful British Columbia.

Lana began painting in 1982. In addition to private and group lessons, she has completed painting and drawing classes at the University of Saskatchewan, and color theory courses at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC.

“I love water and the effects created by the translucency of light through water”.

Her paintings show that love as she creates scenes of West Coast water views. She paints in watercolour, acrylics and enjoys photography.

Mary Kenderdine

“Close to retiring I decided to incorporate something new as a hobby and took up art. After experimenting with various media, I find myself most comfortable with oil and pastel.  For inspiration on choice of subjects to paint,  it has to be a picture that catches my imagination.  Consequently, I seem to experiment with a variety of subjects from birds, flowers, animals and who could resist trying out some of our beautiful scenery”

Goward House

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