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ART SHOW September 1st to 28th, 2017

Two independent artists present...

NATURE: Inside and Out

The Artists

Anne Bowen    |    Peter Vangiesen

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Born in England, I grew up in B.C., the mountains, ocean and forests nurturing a curiosity and love for the natural world.  I paint for the sheer joy of transporting myself into a landscape, still life or the connection with an animal I may have encountered on my travels.  My painting style is constantly evolving; attempting to translate  those exquisite  moments of fleeting light and shadow on the subject.

The Artist’s Work

Whether representation, expressionistic or interpretative, I use the style or technique suitable for capturing that special moment.  The acrylic paint that I use facilitates spontaneity as well as careful and considered work, allowing for both watercolor effects and textural possibilities. Starting with the classical underpainting and building with many transparent layers; a vibrant palette, strong compositions, subtle shades and contrast combine to create the dynamic and contemporary feel in my work.  Whether it be an atmospheric landscape using soft edges and little detail or a hard edged, detailed still life, I strive to elicit an emotional response; perhaps a happy memory, a feeling of serenity, harmony or even a bit of whimsy.  All artistic endeavors enrich our lives and I hope to make a contribution by focusing on some of the beauty in our world and sharing it with others.

For more information visit Anne’s website at www.annebowen.ca

Peter N. Van Giesen, BA, BRE

Beyond and above all else, Peter is an artist. He discovered his artistic and business talents early in elementary school when he sold some of his first works of art at recess for snack money. After taking every available art class during high school in Ontario, he completed post-secondary degrees in Psychology & Religion. He migrated to the west coast in 1981 and finally settled in Victoria in 1999.
During every stage of life, he took time to exercise creativity. When a studio space was available, creativity flourished. When no such space was available his creativity was channeled into his other endeavors in business and charitable sectors.

In 2011 Peter made a renewed commitment to visual art and to sharing that gift with others. His first public display of his artwork was at the Victoria International Airport in 2012. His first solo art show, in January 2013, resulted in strong support from art lovers and art collectors from Canada and abroad. Peter’s artistic expression takes a get deal of focus and energy. Peter states that, “doing art for me is a mystical process, a spiritual work, a profound experience, and a gift meant to be shared.”

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