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About Volunteering

A large part of why annual memberships at Goward House are so affordable is because Goward House runs on the energy provided by its many volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet Goward House members and make new friends. We hope you will consider being a volunteer at Goward House. Below, learn more about volunteering at Goward House.

Why do people volunteer?

  • To hone old skills
  • To acquire new skills
  • To have new experiences
  • To make friends
  • To support the arts
  • To build community
  • To keep active and healthy
  • To share one’s talents
  • To make a difference
  • To feel good about oneself
  • As an act of gratitude

What things would I do?

You can choose the volunteer position that you think would work best for your schedule, your skills and experience, and your interests. And remember, if you try it and it just doesn’t work for you, it’s not a problem. We completely understand and just appreciate your willingness to try it.

Tea Room

Volunteers in our tea room work 3 hours shifts. Most morning shifts are scheduled with 2 persons working together. Their tasks include making coffee, tea, sandwiches and heating soups. Often the afternoon shifts are scheduled with one person alone as their tasks do not include food preparation. However, friends are always welcomed to volunteer for shifts together (either morning or afternoon); or we can schedule you with a new friend! On-site training is provided during a regular shift with an experienced volunteer.

Front Desk

Volunteers at our front desk work 3 hours shifts. Each volunteer is scheduled to fill a shift alone. Duties include answering the phone, taking messages, greeting visitors to Goward House, accepting payments, writing receipts, and documenting new memberships. On-site training is provided during a regular shift with an experienced volunteer.


Often our regularly-scheduled volunteers require time away, perhaps due to a medical appointment, vacation time or because family is visiting from out of town. During such times, we require “spares” to fill-in for the available shift. Sparing is suitable for those who cannot commit to volunteering on a regular basis but would enjoy helping out from time to time.

Activity Facilitator

Almost all of our activities run on the energy of our volunteer Facilitators (i.e. Bridge Lessons, Spanish Group, French Group, Portrait Painting, etc.). Such activities can run from 1 to 3 hours. Perhaps you have a special skill you would like to share with others. If so, contact us to discuss how we might employ your skill to create a new activity at Goward House.


Volunteers work outdoors in our 6 acre woodland under the supervision of our volunteer Forest Botanist and retired Registered Professional Forester. Volunteer hours vary, depending on how much each volunteer would like to donate.


Volunteers work outdoors in the flower beds surrounding the manicured lawns of Goward House. They follow the direction of our professional gardener.

Special Events

Several times a year, special events take place at Goward House that require the assistance and support of volunteers. Generally speaking these events are supported by a group of volunteers that enjoy donating their time to specific events, rather than a routine schedule. Such events may include: Strawberry Tea and Concert, Music on the Lawn, Christmas Luncheon & Concert, Volunteer Appreciation Reception, BBQ lunches, and many more.

Things to Know


Will I be trained?

Of course. You will be trained by an experienced staff person or volunteer and shadow a volunteer on a number of shifts until you feel confident to do the job. If, during a shift, you have questions, the Administrator (Elaine) or the Administrative Assistant (Mary) is always there to provide support.

How much time must I put in?

That’s entirely up to you! Most volunteer schedules consist of 3 hour shifts. Some members donate 3 hours per week; others donate 6 hours per week, while others donate 6 hours per month. The time period for other volunteer deeds vary, depending on the activity (i.e. working in the woodlands or the gardens or facilitating a group activity). You let us know what you can donate and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

How do I volunteer?

Simply contact Elaine Leonard, the Administrator of Goward House at:
Phone: 250 477 4401 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

Goward House

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