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Fifteen Years of Woodland Restoration



Today’s urban forest surrounding Goward House is a result of the fortunate confluence of several circumstances three decades ago: the desire of the Goward family that the property remain undivided when they sold the property to the District of Saanich; the initiative and strong support of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association, under the chair of Gerry Gabel,  in the period from 1987 to 1989; the support of residents adjacent to Goward House who were anxious that the property remain as undeveloped urban forest; and the late 1980’s support of Saanich Council and their 1989 rezoning of the property from single-family use to P-4 (Recreation and Open Space).
We hope the images in the link below serve as a reminder of the important role played by the Cadboro Bay Residents association in the Goward House and Goward woodland that we know today.
Everett Peterson

The Slide Show

This slide show is presented in two parts. To access the slide show please click on the links below. To return to the Woodlands page please use your browser’s ‘back’ button or the main menu. Note that the pdf files (Parts 1 and 2) can be downloaded (hover at top of pdf screen to access download arrow).

Restoring Cadboro Bay’s Urban Forest Part 1

Restoring Cadboro Bay’s Urban Forest Part 2 

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