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Oct 3, 2023 – Oct 25, 2023

Viewing Monday – Friday 9:30-3:30; Goward House is closed all statutory holidays

The Artist




The Artist’s Bio

I have painted in acrylics and created photo-montage for many years now but still feel the excitement of new images and discoveries.

When I travel I always carry a sketchbook, a camera, some paint and other helpful items to capture forms, colours, inspiration and ideas.

My work is very subjective and full of colour, symbols and enigma.

Surprises always happen. Lately I have included mixed media, plastic, pastes, abstract design and a desire to try new approches. 

The Artist’s Statement

My Acrylic paintings have been evolving for many years; They ebb and flow, change and glow. When one is travelling there is constantly a shift between indoors and outside. The mood and lighting influence subsequent drawings and remembrances. I like to paint from these drawings later and let colours appear regardless of “reality” and let other images creep in from different sketches to detail recurring designs. Painting can then take off and have a life of their own.

Surprises always happen!


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