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An exhibition of Three Independent Artists presents...


The Artists



Gail was born and raised in Winnipeg where she enjoyed art classes and summer art camps. She grew up being involved with the visual and performing arts.

While living in Toronto, Gail honoured her creative side and pursued her studies of Interior Design.  She graduated with a four year diploma from Sheridan College. Her passion for the visual arts was renewed.

Gail had dreamt of learning to paint and completed a Certificate of Visual Arts from Vancouver Island School of Art.  She continues to study with other teachers to broaden her artistic horizons.

Always a spiritual seeker, Gail became a Reiki Master, and practises yoga on a regular basis.  She was introduced to Jungian psychology and became immersed in the symbolic life and the subconscious.  Gail’s healing work, meditations, and dreams all  influence and inspire her art work.

Gail maintains a regular studio practise focusing on abstract acrylic painting and ambiguous figurative collage.

The Artist’s Work

My work is an expression of the various facets and fragments of life, and the pathways we choose to excavate its layers.  There is an ethereal quality to the work, evoking a serene, meditative mood, yet a subtle sense of dynamic energy.  Caroline Myss suggests “ life is composed of many facets that shimmer and reflect both your physical and internalenergy. “  My art work comes from an intuitive place, reflecting my personal journey.

I have a deep fascination of symbols and how we interpret them on an individual and collective basis.  I choose to use geometric shapes for the psychological and alchemical interpretation of their meanings.

 I look at fabric and paper as a metaphor of life;  the textures, pulled threads and frayed or torn edges of the fabric speak of experiences and relationships that weave our lives together.  Paper has been used for centuries to communicate our deepest longings and emotions, as well as the mundane tasks of everyday life.  The texture, ragged or torn edge, or the smooth straight cut adds another layer to the metaphor.


Genine has been painting in acrylics for the last thirty years, beginning with the Victoria Society of Artists in the late 1980’s where she sold a number of her paintings at exhibitions. She then graduated to the Oak Bay Art Club where she continued to sell her work. She was an Oak Bay member in 1990 for ten years, and then took time off to complete her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Victoria with a Double Major in Writing and English. Once again, she has returned to the Oak Bay Art Club and has been a solid member for the last year.

Throughout the decades, Genine has worked with a number of themes. She enjoys delving in nature – Chinese landscapes, seascapes, monkeys, cats, birds, tropical fish, salamanders, angels of all sorts, porpoises, whales, mermaids, sea turtles and, ultimately, through both abstract and concrete images, seeks to capture the amazing scenery of the West Coast. She began using illustration board and framing her paintings but now does unframed canvas work, large and small, because she feels it is cleaner, uncluttered, and closer to her audience. She wants to engage people in lively, vivid, and original art that leads one deep into the richness of their imaginations to stimulate their souls. Her work is often described as profoundly spiritual. She works largely from her subconscious; dreams are wonderful muses for her and bring up the depth of her passion for art.

Genine is also a poet and novelist. Over the last seven years, she has published five books and painted the illustrative cover art for all of them, complete with matching cards. Currently she has been exploring the amazing intrigate nature of orchids; she wants to lend a living element to them in order to make them come alive. The “Miniature Moth Orchid” displayed here on her bio, is one of a series of orchid paintings she is currently engaged in.

The Artist’s Work

The birth of spring and the appearance flowers always brings resurgence in my painting. I get out my canvas, acrylic paints, and become completely inspired. I have always loved flowers. I love their intoxicating aroma, their softness, their vivid colour, their ability to please the aesthetic senses, their endurance and strength, their determination to survive a cold winter and recreate themselves year after year. In this way they teach us about the cycles of life and also about ourselves. Before their season is over, I want to produce a living and enduring memento to honour them. I write poetry myself and consider each flower a poem and each painting a metaphor for something larger like hope, beauty, love, joy, healing, and gratitude.

Poetry speaks to the senses and each flower speaks a different language. As I listened to my inner voice, I first began to paint the flowers that I love – Stargazer and Tiger lilies, irises, peonies, roses and sunflowers. I was amazed at the vibrant colour they produced on my canvas and the feeling of serenity that washed over me. Flowers are profoundly spiritual. I also found myself healed from emotional hurts that became joy and celebration.

Soon after, I was drawn to orchids with their delicate loveliness. They have always fascinated me. The more I looked at orchids, my inner vision spoke to me and I began to see faces within their hearts; faces of moths and tigers at first, then human faces engaged in a surprise or a smile. I worked hard to personify that; make them real and alive so they also spoke to those who saw them.

My goal in painting is to give people pleasure and delight out of a great love I have for art. I want to lead people deep into the richness of their imaginations to stimulate their souls.


I am certain there is a germ of artistic expression in everyone whether it be painting or writing, making sculpture or architectural drawings; the urge is there waiting to be discovered.

That is how it was for me some fifteen years ago when out of sheer boredom, I joined a watercolor painting class given by a wonderful Dutch painter.  My love for watercolor has since deepened.  Recently, I took up the challenge of working with oils and find a tremendous satisfaction therein. My gratitude goes to the many workshops I have taken with master oil painters. I now paint with oil; and marvel at the beautiful impressions and flexibility it has on canvas.

Painting for me has been a channel for relaxation, an adventure of pleasure and a means to meditate.

The Artist’s Work

I enjoy painting still life, especially flowers and trees.  Someday I hope to do architectural and natural landscapes.

My painting has been

  • Juried and sold at the Sooke Fine Arts Show, 2008
  • Exhibited at Goward House with OBAC, 2014, 2015
  • Exhibited and jury awarded at SPAC shows, 2014, 2015

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